1. Definitions and interpretations
    1.1. Definitions
    1.1.1. ‘‘iNuka Savings Account’’ means a virtual mobile deposit account hosted
    by iNuka Pap Limited
    1.1.2. ‘‘iNuka Savings Account System’’ means Basically the iNuka Pap account
    on an individual’s mobile app that allows a member to deposit for savings
    or repayment purposes, and also be able to view the account and access
    our products
    1.1.3. ‘‘Member’’ means you as the registered
    1.1.4. ‘‘iNuka Savings eligibility period’’ means that for a member to enjoy
    benefits associated with iNuka Pap one must have savings that are a fixed
    deposit for a period of one year’’
    1.1.5. ‘‘Minimum Principal Savings’’ means KSH2,000 for a member to access a
    cash loan, the iNuka Cash and in the case of access to health services a
    minimum savings of Kshs. 20,000 to qualify for iNuka Health product.
    1.1.6. ‘‘iNuka’s microfinance’’ as a lender means that Joy Sacco as a
    partnership with iNuka Pap is the provider of financial credit to iNuka
    Pap’s Members.
    1.1.7. ‘‘Partner information’’ means information as to the contacts and location
    of institutions that iNuka Pap collaborates with can be obtained from
    iNuka Pap upon request by a member within regular business days and
    working hours.
    1.1.8. ‘‘iNuka cash’’ means the instant loan a member is able to borrow from
    iNuka Pap Ltd within the limit assessable by iNuka Pap.
    1.1.9. ‘‘iNuka health’’ means the Insurance provider that the member can
    access health services provided for by the Insurance Provider at its
    specified locations within its terms and conditions
    1.1.10. ‘‘app’’ means application that is used to enable particular functions and
    services that iNuka Pap provides to the member.
    1.1.11. ‘‘Bamba Code’’ means The code authorizing a direct transaction form
    Mpesa account to iNuka Pap account

2. Acceptance of terms and conditons

2.1. By execution of this agreement a member agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions that govern the MPESA platform by Safaricom Limited.
2.2. Any liabilities that may occur after your involvement with iNuka Pap, as a result
to M-Pesa’s activities will not be pinned on iNuka Pap.
2.3. Ammendments to these terms and conditions shall be notifiable via any of the
following options being: Registered post or email address or through telephone
communication via SMS.
2.4. Complaints referring to iNuka’s partner (s) will be lodged with iNuka directly
2.5. A member by execution acknowledgment that iNuka’s branches are not branches
of its’s partners or agents of the Partner.

3. iNuka Products
Two products are available as a benefit of joining iNuka Pap being INUKA CASH and INUKA
HEALTH with conditions as described herein:
3.1. INUKA CASH as a product is only accessible after the minimum target of Kshs.
2,000/=(TWO THOUSAND KENYA SHILLINGS) is met as savings by the member. Maturity of
the iNuka Cash loan is instant once the member has saved as abovementioned ensuring
immediate access.
3.2. A member can only access loans not exceeding their savings within the provided
3.3. Since iNuka Pap will be charging 200/- registration fee on savings, a member cannot
withdraw less than 500/- on their total savings
3.4. Maturity of iNuka Health product’s cover is a maximum of (Two)2 months waiting period
as a member can only start to benefit from health services after the expiry period of (Two)2
months as a maximum waiting period commencing from date of registration as a member
within Inuka Pap.
4. Activating the Inuka Pap product
4.1. The procedure for activation is:
a) The Member downloads iNuka Pap app on their smart phone/tablet form app store or play
b) The Member Self-Registers on the iNuka Pap Platform through the app and a confirmation
code will be sent to the member to confirm that the mobile number being used to log in is
the correct Member’s number;
c) The Member can then log into the app, and is able to view their account instantaneously;
d) The member can then start saving to access iNuka Pap Products.

5. Accessing Inuka Savings funds

5.1. The procedure to access funds is: a) The member can view their savings on their account by logging into the iNuka Pap
account and;
i. Clicking on to the savings icon;
ii. Enter PIN to see savings;
iii. To save a Member receives a pop-up within the Mobile Platform of choice being
Safaricom M-pesa or Airtel Money with the iNuka Pap pay bill number, where
the member can deposit the amount directly from their m-pesa account. The
deposited amount then reflects on their iNuka Pap savings account (in the app)
iv. Within the Inuka Pap system the Member will enter amount to be deposited
whereby the member then enters Bamba Code to authorise money transfer from
their m-pesa whereafter the Pop-up for approval of transaction appears and
thereafter the amount is then deposited into their iNuka Pap Account and
reflects instantly.
6. Checking balances of amounts saved with inuka
6.1. Procedure listing how it’s done is:
a) Log into the iNuka Pap App;
b) Click on the Check balance icon on the home Page of the app;
c) The Member gets a mini report on the loan and savings balance.
7. Amendments
7.1. Any amendment that terminates the partnership with Joy Sacco as iNuka Pap’s preferred
financier for its registered users will be transferred to a new financial partner and any
member shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of such new financial partner with
immediate effect unless a dispute is lodged with iNuka Pap within (thirty)30 days of receipt
of the notice of change of membership and/or partnership.
7.2. Any further amendments to status, products and/or services whether substantial or
ancillary as a product of the of the aforementioned will be deemed to be accepted unless
the member disputes such amendment within a 30(thirty) day notice.
8. Taxes
8.1. Taxes payable in addition to the Deposits are the sole responsibility of the member
and where required by law should be submitted in addition to the savings for purposes of
compliance with the Law.
8.2. Amounts held in a member’s savings account may be subject to Withholding tax in
accordance with the applicable law.
8.3. A member consents and agrees that iNuka Pap may deduct such taxable amounts as
required by law or in compliance with internal policies or an applicable order or sanction of a taxation authority.

9. Warranties.
9.1. The member warrants that he/she/it has the authority to enter into such agreement
as envisaged herein.
9.2. The member warrants that the information provided is to true to the best of their
knowledge and will indemnify Inuka Pap in the event of any claim logged due to such

10. Notices
10.1. Notices servable through email, registered post or registered number on mobile
money platform.
10.2. 3 months notice will be required for any intention to withdraw by the member.
11. Dispute Resolution
11.1. You may contact the Customer Care Center to report any disputes, claims or Account
discrepancies of Joy Sacco or use INuka Pap as an intermediary to assist reach amicable
11.2. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement that is not resolved by
Customer Care Centre representatives shall be referred to arbitration by a single arbitrator
to be appointed by agreement between the parties or in default of such agreement within
60 days of the notification of a dispute, upon the application of either party, by the
Chairman for the time being of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Kenya Branch). Such
arbitration shall be conducted in the English language in Nairobi in accordance with the
Rules of Arbitration of the said Institute and subject to and in accordance with the
provisions of the Arbitration Act.
11.3. To the extent permissible by Law, the determination of the Arbitrator shall be final,
conclusive and binding upon the parties hereto.
11.4. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of
the Republic of Kenya.